À propos de nous

A Journey of Passion and Expertise

Hello, I'm Vincent Pivard, the heart and soul behind Goal Tickets. My journey in the world of major sporting events began in France, where my love for sports took root. After earning my master's degree, I ventured to the US in 1999, diving into the dynamic world of ticket brokering. Working with Razorgator, then the largest ticket seller for the Super Bowl and many other major events, I pioneered the creation of the first e-commerce ticket site that year.

Expanding Horizons

My ambition to broaden the horizon of sports ticketing led me to the international arena. I played a pivotal role in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, started selling tickets for the French Open in 2006, and contributed to the Rugby World Cup 2007, the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and the 2010 World Cup. These experiences were the stepping stones to my dream - creating Goal Tickets in 2011.

A Decade of Unmatched Service

Since its inception, Goal Tickets has sold over a million tickets, serving thousands of clients worldwide. My life has been a testament to my love for sports - as a professional soccer player, a coach, and a fervent fan, especially of tennis and the Olympics. The atmosphere, the excitement, and the spirit of these events are what I strive to bring to every Goal Tickets client.

A Record of Unforgettable Experiences

My personal attendance at the last six FIFA World Cups, the 2012 London Olympics, the Super Bowl, the Euros, and all four tennis Grand Slams is not just a record of events; it's a journey of unforgettable experiences that I bring to the table. This deep involvement in the world of sports has given me unique insights and an unmatched ability to cater to the most demanding ticket requests.

Our Promise to You

At Goal Tickets, we are more than just a ticket selling platform; we are your gateway to experiencing the pulsating heart of sports. Our commitment is to provide you with not just a ticket, but a doorway to experiences that will become cherished memories.

vince at Roland Garros world cup 2018